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it was all a dream

i dreamt that i was trying to clean up an accidental situation of dead bodies and in the midst of this noticed the situation of poorly kept animals(mostly kittens,cats, ferrets) wandering and forgotten through the 4 room apartment.
i tried to gather them by hand to take them to the vet. but circumstances were feeling hopeless as I’d have to carry them down 4 flights of steps and into the car, and go back and grab the others.
as im selecting the most concerning I notice the smallest child attempting to descend the stair case- i drop the animals and grab her- as i do this I see the other child playing on the dirty floor where these sick animals roam. as i take the baby into the room she seems to have pink eye.
i felt so hopeless.
how can i take the animals to vet, take the children to the doctor, clean the house and get rid of these dead bodies all at the same time by myself?
it wasnt possible.
when i woke up i immediately began organizing my thoughts to get these things done- only to realize that I’d barely left the dream state and needed to wake up.

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